Austrian Mac OS X Keyboard Characters Within The U.S. Mac OS X Keyboard

/ 5 March 2007

First, I need to explain an interesting fact about mac keyboards internationally. The keyboards on macs here (I know because I saw a MacBook in a computer store here) have many similarities, but also some notable differences. These differences vary in visibility. One of the most notable differences is that the shift, option, and a few other keys like that don’t say those names but rather have the symbols that represent them within the OS. Another difference is that the “z” and “y” keys are switched on the Austrian macs.

Now that we’ve gotten though that it’s time to for-fill what the title of this post says the post is about. As you know there are two basic characters in german that are not in English, these are the s-set, and the umlaut. To make these see here: 1. The s-set is made by option-s (ß), 2. the umlaut is made by option-e (´).