The Journey Story

/ 17 February 2007

I was too jet-legged in my last entry to tell the complete story, but here it is now. The stories I’ll post here will be in the extended posts to allow RSS readers to know what’s coming their way. It all started Wed. 14th in the morning. We managed to pack all our suitcases into just 1.5 taxis. Once at the airport we checked all our bags except our carry-ons. The person at the counter asked to see our visas, and we were glad that we had visas, because we had thought about just leaving Austria enough to not need visas. Our flight to D.C. was supposed to leave at 11:45 am, by that time we had not even seen it yet. The flight left at about 1 pm due to ground issues at Dullas airport because of the huge storm. The flight itself went fine until the landing, we were just about to touch the ground when the tower abruptly ordered our plane to make a full circle due to another plane on the runway. Once we landed we waited for nearly 20 minutes before the single taxiway at Dullas was open for us to taxi to our gate. We passed our connecting Austrian Airlines plane on the way to our gate, and realized that our first flight (the one we were on at the time) had a gate at the other side of the concourse. When we were stopped at the gate, due to the lateness, the flight attendants said that only international passengers were allowed to leave the plane first. Once in the terminal we literally ran to our next flight back along the way that we just traveled outside in our United flight. Our Austrian Airlines flight departed on time and we were in the air by 8:00 pm. During the flight I slept a total of 1 hour out of a 8:59 minute in-air time. We arrived in Wien at around 9:00 am local time (3:00 am US time) and got though to a taxi at around 9:30 am to get to Oma’s house at around 10:00 am on Thurs. 15th.