All Packed Away

/ 8 February 2007

Last weekend I packed away ALL my legos into various bins to stay in my room (which is the room that will hold all of our personal belongings) while we’re gone in Austria. Here’s the numbers on my legos. I packed 40 to 50 lego baseplates. All the separate bricks fit into three bins with these dimensions (all in inches): 15, 20, 15; 15, 30, 13; 15, 30, 11.5. I left a few models out that I wanted to save for my next city. Other than that the only legos that are unpacked aren’t and in fact are in Lego Dacta’s original packing case for my first mindstorms kit, and those bricks (I’m sure you can guess) are my NXT elements, NXT hardware (NXT, sensors, motors, wires, etc.), test pads, manuals, and install CD’s for NXT-G, Robolab (both 2.5.4 and 2.9), RIS, and the “Using Robolab” PDF. That will be packed into one of my checked suitcases. All of this I did last weekend so I could be more involved with helping others pack this weekend.