Annoyed At FirstTech/ AppleCare Service Repair

/ 31 January 2007

Last Friday my iBook G4’s logic board went bad. I took it to a local Apple reseller/ service place, FirstTech. After looking at it they decided to send it to Apple themselves for repair. Apple did repair it by replacing the logic board. But apparently they also replaced the HD. First, I myself don’t quite see the point of that, and second I don’t quite see why they replaced a 80 GB drive with a 30 GB drive. Now, I’ll need to have FirstTech replace the drive currently in the iBook to the 80 GB backup drive that I have that has a second copy of my backup on it. I think that the reason Apple put a 30 GB drive in is because that’s the size of HD that was originally in the mac, but you’d think that FirstTech would’ve told them that there was a 80 GB drive in the machine. I also doubt that FirstTech would swap the HDs free of charge due to the nature of the “repair”, so that will take some arguing. Of course, I didn’t even expect to get my iBook back until Friday, so it’s possible that I will have it back by then in a useable form. I just know for a fact that I NEED it completely fixed and useable by a week from now (and that’s pushing it) so that I can make one final working backup before I leave for Austria. But, in general, this step of the repair (especially if FirstTech agrees to replace it with the backup drive) shouldn’t take much longer than Monday, and that’s if they can’t get to it on Friday.