Feeling Good

/ 28 January 2007

This week we got our visas for our trip and due to that I’m feeling really really good about the trip. The time left before the trip is also amazing, just a mere 2 full weeks and one half week after that before we leave. What’s really freaky about that is that there is then just two weeks left of the semester. And it seems like just a few weeks ago was Christmas and New Year’s. There were only 3 weeks before that of school. I have been getting more exited each day that passes about this trip. Of course, right at the end of the quarter is when things will start to get very hectic as we start to franticly pack away the things that we’ll leave here and try and pack the things we’ll take into the suitcases that we’ll bring. The things we can’t pack into those suitcases we’ll need to ship to Vienna separately.