Fun With Fonts

/ 23 January 2007

I’ve now spent quite some time reorganizing the fonts that I have available to me so they get more useful and quick-to-find. In the process I’ve also downloaded three extra fonts just for the fun of it. Those fonts were fonts derived from the series of Artemis Fowl books and are downloadable from a fan site. The fonts download as .ttf (font format) files, to install them move them to the /Library/Fonts folder of your boot drive. I also spent quite a lot of time messing with the font sets within the “Font Book” application (located in /Applications). Overall I’ve changed the font collections that I have quite a lot. It also made me think that there are possibly many Mac OS X fonts available for download if you really look for them. Also, it’s good to note that many application packages (such as iWork and iLife) come with their own fonts that get installed system-wide for usage.