Wrong Adapter??!

/ 22 January 2007

Just now I was looking at the resource files for the battery menu that’s built-in to the system. Within it’s interface project (__.Iproj) there are two dialogs, one I knew about, that one was the “You are now running on reserve battery power.” dialog. But the other is this “A 45 watt power adapter is connected to your PowerBook” It goes on to say please attach a 75 watt adapter or something. I have a iBook G4 and so won’t ever see this dialog, but have any of you PowerBook or MacBook Pro users run into this dialog ever. If you live with anyone who owns a MacBook or iBook (G3 or G4) you should have, especially if you know for a fact that you’ve used their power adapters before. Also, why wouldn’t iBooks and MacBooks complain about being plugged into a PowerBook or MacBook Pro adapter, even if they can use those adapters better than their own adapters?