LOTS Of Album Artwork

/ 21 January 2007

Today I decided to spend most of my evening gathering album artwork for within iTunes. I did this by looking though my library in the “Cover Flow” view and whenever there was an album with an empty album artwork section, I did a Google Image Search with the title of the album to find it’s album artwork. It was actually quite fun, and at least it’s done, now I just can enjoy the artwork in my iTunes library when listening to music. The entire process took a total of about an hour, so I’d suggest that you do it just so you have some artwork for each song in your iTunes library. After you’ve completed this task, it’s actually quite fun to scroll though your whole library seeing the artwork in the “Cover Flow” view (especially if you mac is a laptop and you can use it’s trackpad to scroll though it, a much neater and quicker way to scroll though the library). The whole process took up about 0.10 GB of disk space.