Scroll Issue (Not Scroll Driver, Scroll)

/ 20 January 2007

Over the past many months after first noticing this problem I’ve found more and more places in the system in which it lies. The issue: Some application’s scrollbars not returning to their last position after being in another window. This is most common in iPhoto, but I’ve also seen it in Safari and TextEdit on occasion. It’s not a huge issue, but it is a bug that I think Apple should know is out there on their OS. Have any of you noticed this issue on your mac? I also want to point out an odd bug that the iScroll2 has. On occasion (mainly in System Preferences) there’s a scrollbar that the trackpad can’t scroll the whole way though. This doesn’t seem to be just this scroll driver (iScroll2), since the control arrows won’t even scroll though the whole scrollbar (but that’s yet another bug for Apple to fix), though it does mean that one of the driver’s “areas of issue” as we can call it is the way in which it determines what the scrollbar is/ how far to allow scrolling to go.