Robolab 2.9 Errors And Bugs

/ 19 January 2007

Here’s a quick list of bugs that I’ve found in Robolab 2.9, both RCX FW, NXT FW, and computer loaded software. To start, the NXT FW has some new features from the retail FW, but it has also lost features that were nice to have like the on-brick programming and BT communication. The NXT also can’t sync the two driving motors the same way it could in the retail software. As for the RCX FW, the rotation sensor is a bit buggy for me, it needs to be reset after each wait for that it has, and in one of my prgms the outputs have an odd spark of power causing the motors to turn when there is no code for the motors in that part of the prgm. As for the actual piece of software that lives on my iBook G4 (Mac OS X 10.4.8) the downloading is the main issue I’ve noticed, for when the downloading takes place it first asks you what target brick you want, RCX, NXT, or CLI, and then continues to download the prgm. However, I’ve purposely pressed “NXT” when downloading to my RCX, so that dialog is useless. Plus, the “Begin” blocks I thought had that function to them, and so why ever ask the user what target, when the answer lies with what the first block of the prgm is (RCX begin, NXT begin, Scout begin, or CLI begin). I also think that a “move” command for the NXT should be added for proper NXT bot driving control to eliminate the need for “VERY sensitive motors” (go forward for 1 degree, then wait for the other motor to get there, then go on for another degree). That is my quick list of errors and bugs, I do ask you to respond to these if you’re experiencing any of these, or if you know of more comment about that too. Thanks, Alex