Places Compare/ Contrast Essay

/ 17 January 2007

The essay is below.

Both places that I’m comparing here are at my family’s house in St. Paul. One is my bedroom, and one is my little brother’s bedroom. This comparison will be complete and feel quick. However, it will give you a good feel for both rooms.

Both places have very white wall, 2 windows each that have cloth curtains. Each have three light sources, a overhead lamp on a dimmer switch, a reading lamp, and a desk lamp. There's a laptop (and power adapter) on the desk, and most of the time you'd hear music from the laptop that's in the room (with iTunes). Both have two doors, one to the rest of the house, and one to the closet where the clothes is kept. Finally, you'd see Legos all over the floors of both rooms.

 To contrast the two rooms, I'm the primary person who's in my room, and my brother's the primary person who's in his room. When in my room there's a sense of peace, however, when in my brother's room there's a sense of chaos. My room has a 3-level stationary desk, while my brother's has a 1-level rolling desk. I have 1 black shelf with various boxes, and 1 white shelf with books, my brother has 2 white shelves, one with toys, one with books. You'd see my artwork on the walls of my room, and you'd see various posters on the walls of my brother's room. I have a large bed, while my brother has a small bed. From here it's stuff that only my room has, to start my desk has a bunch of USB things, including a Lego IR tower, a scanner, a fan, a dock for my camera, etc. I have a set of speakers on the 1st and 2nd levels of my desk. I have a backup hard disk for my laptop on my desk. And finally, I have some art supplies on the second level of my desk (including the scanner to scan drawings from both home and school).</i>