/ 9 January 2007

Today during Macworld, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone, Apple’s take on a cell phone. This phone has basic WiFi, Bluetooth, and an entire form of Mac OS X on it. This phone has extremely cool features, most of which you need to see at Apple’s site to understand, but some are mentioned here for you. First, the entire way it’s made is neat, throughout the whole phone there is just one button, the rest is the touch-scren it has for a screen. Next, as a phone it has direct setup and integration with your contacts, so you can quickly call those folks with just a few taps. The phone can make any calls into conference calls with a few clicks (well taps actually). The SMS functionality ties with iChat to allow you to SMS to a friend working on their MacBook (or any other type of mac that’s running 10.4). Then, as an iPod, the basic interface is a lot like an iPod’s, however, you can view all your music with that same cool cover view that iTunes has, but if you tap on one of the covers, it flips around revealing all the music in that album. The photo abilities are neat, when viewing a photo, you can put two fingers in the photo to change its zoom amount by simply moving your fingers around. It also has the same motion sensor that the MacBooks and MacBook Pros have enabling it to know what it’s orientation is, and it flips it’s screen based on that. Al in all, I think that the iPhone is a bit overpriced being at nearly $500 to $600 for it when it launches in June 2007.