GPS Support??

/ 7 January 2007

It is rumored that Apple is going to add GPS functionality at an OS-level of support within 10.5 (Leopard), and along with that add GPS chips into future MacBooks. If Apple does integrate GPS into the system, then it will be possible to post information at any specific point, for any other user to grab just by being in that location. Also, if the technology is integrated at the OS level, then it would be possible for any app to use the system (likely a framework file) to create functionalities that allow the user to post, receive, or simply look at certain information based on their location. If this is going to be happening, then it is likely that Steve Jobs will announce it at MacWorld these upcoming weeks. Google is said to be assisting Apple in the possible creation of the system and hardware. Of course, for all the computers currently in existence, the GPS integration won’t work, and thus can’t be a crucial element of 10.5 the same way that Core Animation will be.