School Essay

/ 16 December 2006

Here’s an essay I wrote for school.

The two people I’m comparing here are my parents. To quickly begin, they are quite alike in many ways, but still differ on some traits. They are different in many more ways than they are the same. However, they do act the same most of the time as the other one.

They are the same on many many traits. These include where they work, and home-connected elements of their life. To start, they both like their kids (my brother and I). They both work at schools, my mom's a professor at a graduate school, my dad's a librarian at the University of Minnesota. Their personalities are close to the same, they both are gentle and friendly. Both enjoy leisurely activities such as reading and watching TV/ movies. Both enjoy cooking and baking.

Though the have many of the same traits, they do have many different traits as well, and many different hobbies to. On the physical appearance side, my mom is shorter than my dad. Also, my mom's skin is a lot smoother than my dad's, who also has a lot of hair on his skin. On the personality side, my dad is more controlling than my mom is. Within the hobby side, my dad likes to actually program the computer(s) (and so do I), but my mom likes to simply use her laptop at the most basic level. Those are the traits and hobbies that I could easily notice and compare.</i>