Add Help For Robolab Blocks

/ 14 December 2006

You know how you can double-click on any code block and another window pops up with a LOT of information on that block. While, you can edit that information! Some may say “why would you want to do this”, but here’s the reason. Until possibly 2.9.3 we Robolab NXT users don’t have Compass Sensor blocks, so our easy work-around is to use the Ultrasonic Sensor blocks. But we would then want to know what the reading for each directional is when we’re programming, and that’s where the editing comes in. I just added that information (Compass: N=0, E=45, S=90, W=135) to my “Forward Wait” Robolab NXT code block help so I’ll have it in at least one place built into Robolab. My suggestion is that you do that to as many of your “Ultrasonic Sensor” blocks as you can so you’ll have the information there even if you don’t yet own a Compass Sensor.