Summary For School

/ 30 October 2006

This is a movie summary.

I watched the movie "American Dreamz" and found it a bit weird in the sense that I got though many of my notes before learning anyone's name. The movie begins with a scene where a wife is leaving her husband, though we don't know any of their names. It goes on to show the president (we don't yet know his name) reading the newspaper. From there it goes on to show a terrorist camp where we hear that one of the people needs to leave for the U.S. to wait until he's given more instructions (we don't yet know this guy's name). Next, it shows the leader of the show "American Dreamz" on the stage talking about the next season, this guy is the same guy who just lost his wife (we still don't know his name). Then it shows Sally Kendoo (finally a name) first learning that she has been accepted onto "American Dreamz". Afterwards there's a party where she learns that her boyfriend, William Williams, is breaking up with her. We then see the Riza family welcoming their cousin/nephew to their house, Omer, the terrorist who we saw earlier. 

Later, we go on to see the president's wife and the vice president worried about why the president is reading newspapers instead of talking with the press. Now, Martin Tweed (the leader of "American Dreamz") meets with the vice president about cutting the amount of commercials the show has by 90%. We then see that William has joined the army and has been shipped off to Iraq. On his first day of duty he gets shot and has to go back to the U.S. Quickly it flips back to the White House long enough for the president's, Joe's, wife to get him  out of his pajamas and into real clothes for the first time in weeks. Now, Martin Tweed and Sally Kendoo talk about "American Dreamz" at Sally's house in Ohio. We then see that the president (after weeks of being in bed) has gone hyper-public and also has chosen to guest-judge the championship round of "American Dreamz".

"American Dreamz" begins. Then, rounds 2 though to the one right before the championship round happen. The evening before the championship round Omer and Sally talk (remember that they are now the last two on the show, competing against each other). Omer's friends from the terrorist camp come to the championship round and smuggle in a bomb for Omer to use at the moment that he shakes hands with Joe, the president. They hide it in the bathroom stall. When Omer gets to the building, he retrieves the bomb and then goes to the stage. But, at the moment, he runs back to the bathroom and rips off the bomb and puts it in the trash. Now, right after, you see William going into the bathroom to be alone since his life has gotten so bad. On the stage, William proposes to Sally, and afterwards blows himself, and Martin up. That's then the end of the movie.