Glad This Isn’t Me

/ 29 October 2006

Some NXT users are finding that their brick worked perfectly with the firmware already loaded on when purchased, but the new firmware that Lego released just days after the initial release (1.03) made it not function, as in their brick would endlessly beep. It has also been said that the firmware file that the software installed on the base computer from the CD is the new one, not the factory-loaded version (1.01). If anyone could test this, that would be great, but since my brick is fine, I feel like I shouldn’t do that test myself. Furthermore, Lego has told the select few that emailed about this issue that the factory-loaded firmware (1.01) is/ was a beta version, not their final version (which they released later on, 1.03). My own problematic speculation is that maybe the NXT’s that have been having these “beeping” issues in fact are beta bricks, and that the final bricks have some kind of better chip/ memory arrangement. Hopefully Lego will straighten this out, but at least they’ve released a final firmware that works on 90% of the NXT bricks worldwide.