Fear Essay

/ 18 October 2006

The essay is below (I told about it in an earlier entry).

I’m afraid of laptop batteries exploding. Recently there has been recalls and so the chances are less likely, but still possible, and so the fear is still one that I have. This fear is one that I have because of the fact that I have a iBook G4 myself, and it’s batteries were recalled. Since then I received replacement batteries. My family is the only group of people that have a chance of knowing that I have the fear. However, I’m sure that almost all (if not all) laptop users have the fear.

I first got the fear when I saw pictures of a PowerBook G4 with it's battery burned out and the entire machine blackened by the fire. I felt scared at the sight of the pictures. If batteries do explode (since the generate their own oxygen) they'd be hard to put out, and might set the entire building on fire.

If I encounter the fear my plan is to simply try to put the fire out as quickly as I can. So I'd act in a safe manner and do the best I can to help. Quite simply, I'm afraid of (and have a fear) of laptop batteries exploding. But I'm glad that the recall happened to significantly lower the chances of it happening.</i>

Enjoy, Alex