Problematic Going-To-Happen iBook (And Possibly MacBook) Issue

/ 14 October 2006

Yesterday I was using my computer in my English class when I noticed that the corner of the top casing (the casing where the keyboard and trackpad are) had broken off! It doesn’t look like the hole into the insides will be harmful to the computer, but since I have a good idea how it happened I thought I’d tell you about it.You may know that PowerBooks and MacBook Pros have their casings bend out as wear-and-tear, but the iBooks and MacBooks (because their made of plastic) will just crack. Also, the four most likely places for these cracks to occur is on the four corners of the main casing simply because those are the places that would touch a desk or other surface first when we set our laptops down on that surface. Over a long period of time (3 to 4 years) small cracks will start to appear on the sides of the computer, but the most likely corner for it to crack is the place where my iBook G4 cracked (and yesterday a small chunk of broke off), the front right side (near the battery bay) The reason for that being simple, the two back corners have the hinge near them, so they’ll be stronger due to that, and the other front corner is right where the HD is, so that will certainly be stronger due to that. That leaves the front-right corner, where the battery bay is, and, there was just a battery recall recalling thousands of iBook batteries, therefore we had to switch our batteries, putting even more stress on that part of the computer’s casing. The ironic part is that I first noticed the corner when I was brainstorming about a fear that I (and maybe many of you have as well) have that is a laptop battery exploding (essay will be posted here when completed), a thing that would hurt the computer. I noticed the casing hole during the time I’m already thinking of all I can about what I’d do/ what it would be like if my iBook’s battery blew up. Enjoy, Alex.