Helpful And Stable OS X Notification System

/ 10 October 2006

A few days ago I found a really easy-to-use and seemingly stable system-wide, multi-app notification program called Growl. There are many apps and Dashboard widgets out that have included Growl support, one that I use always, and has Growl support is MiniBatteryStaus, a Dashboard widget with quick info on your battery’s power status (it’s “Done Charging” notification got annoying when my battery went though it’s last charge cycle, see last weblog entry). Another piece of software I have that comes with Growl support is iStumbler, a bluetooth and airport network program to get in-depth data, not as good as MacStumbler, but it has the Growl Support and graphing of data, so it may be used by me more than MacStumbler now. The last program I use often that has a plug-in for Growl is the Google Notifiers, it can tell you when you have new message via Growl. To change any of the notifications or general preferences for Growl you just go to it’s handy prefpane in System Preferences. So, just to let you know of software that may be useful to you.