Writing Assignment For School

/ 7 October 2006

This is the most recent writing assignment I’ve had in English 9 at school, below.

My grandmother, Dagmar Celeste, is a nice lady. Her face is slightly larger than average people for her age, it has some wrinkles in it. Her hair is long and wavy, it is gray because of her age (in the 60’s I think). She wears night-clothes at her house, but wears priestly clothes when she’s out and about (she’s a catholic priest). Sometimes she wears sweatpants and normal shirts, but not often. She physically looks slightly short, she wears LOTS of jewelry, and she’s a slight bit fatter than average women of her age. She speaks in an authoritative voice (she was once the first lady of Ohio), and lots of the time I hear her speak to my dad or I it’s something like “What happened with/ to … … on my computer”. In other words, computer questions/ needing help. But in the end, Dagmar Celeste is a nice lady with good things to say and decent-looking clothes.