Writing Assignment For School

/ 22 September 2006

I’ve decided that most of the writing I do for school I’ll put here. So, the below paragraph is the first real writing assignment I’ve gotten in my English class. It describes my study space.

My study place is my family's house, so white and blue with many large trees outside, It has a large yard and many plants and flowers around the plants. Cars are heard, many kids playing in their yards next door to us. There is a screen door in front of a large wooden door with a large window in it. Inside my parents are helping my younger brother with homework. When I walk in I see the stairs, the kitchen entrance, and the living room. To get to my room (the study spot) I go up the stairs and straight across the upstairs hall to the entrance to my room. On the way I sometimes see my mom at her desk in the "study" and the entrances to my parent's and my brother's rooms. In the room the walls are blank except for a few of my paintings,there are three lamps and a overhead light that's on a dimmer switch. I'm usually alone in my room and I like the lighting bright. When walking in, you come upon my desk, turn left and you see my Lego city (with Lego computers built-in {RCX, NXT}). My bed is opposite my desk. On my desk you'll find the main chunk of it is quite bare with the exception of my backup hard disk, my digital camera, and a few wires  and cables for my laptop when it's sitting on my desk. The second chunk (above the main chunk) is all my academic textbooks and papers, as well as my scanner and my desk lamp/ organizer. The third (and highest) chunk is above the second chunk and is full of some of my largest Lego creations. The computer components that are on my desk are a set of speakers (since I play calming music while doing my homework), a USB hub which has a Lego IR tower (for my robotic Legos), a bluetooth dongle, my camera's dock, and the scanner attached to it, and of course my laptops power adapter (a required component). The desk itself is designed a bit like a triangle in the sense that it has a quite large main level and two way less wide sections above the main section. To the left of the desk is part of my Lego city and my large black shelf for other Lego creations and sorted Lego bins. To the right of the shelf is a technology bin and two unsorted Lego tub-sized bins with my dirty laundry bins on top of them. Across from those (around a corner) is my large bookshelf, full 98% with novels, 2% random stuff. So, my study space is quite simply my space, since it is my room.