NXT Freeze Issue (Not Part Of The Comparison)

/ 16 September 2006

Regardless of the power source, my NXT freezes every day or so with the rechargeable battery in it. I originally thought it was just the multiple recharges of the battery during the time that I ran the same program/ had the NXT on. But today (just now in fact) it froze in the middle of running a program on the battery alone. It may have been that the battery was low on charge, but I think something may be wrong with the firmware (v1.03^2). What is sadly ironic about that is that OS 10 version 10.4.7 has had the same effect on my iBook G4 and my dad’s PowerBook G4 (and no, we know it’s not the bad batteries) as the 1.03^2 has had on my NXT. I did contact Lego tech support about the issue, however that was before I knew it was also happening on the battery, not just when the battery was being recharged during the time that a program was being run. Has anyone else seen this issue on they’re own NXT bricks?