The Motors (Cont. Both Platform User Comparison)

/ 14 September 2006

The NXT motors are at least 3 times as big as the RCX motors. But the two kinds of motors are way different. First the RCX motors have a technique pole sticking out of them, and the NXT motors have a pole’s inverse, as well as four peg holes on each side. Second, the RCX motors have 5 speeds, and the NXT motors have 100 speeds, varying from impossible-to-see movement to super-fast movement. The NXT motors also have inbuilt rotation sensors, which allows you to tell them to move for 1 rotation, or simply 1 degree (on the normal degrees, not the RCX 16-degree turns for it’s rotation sensor). The RCX motors go straight from the motor to the outside pole, while the NXT motors run though a long line of gearing before they reach the inverse pole. Also due to the inbuilt rotation sensors (tachometers), each motor doubles as an external rotation sensor.