The Bricks (A Start To A Set Of Comparisons I’m Doing Comparing My RCX To My NXT)

/ 13 September 2006

Well to start, the RCX is yellow and grey while the NXT is white and grey. The NXT is slightly larger than the RCX. The RCX is built in the original “stud” lego brick scheme, while the NXT is in the technique “studless” scheme. The ports on the RCX are 3 inputs and 3 outputs, while the NXT has 3 outputs, 4 inputs, and a USB 2.0 port. The RCX uses IR (infrared) wireless, while the NXT utilizes a 3 channel bluetooth wireless. The RCX has On/Off, View, PRGM, and Run buttons, while the NXT has a left, right, enter, and back/ quick shutdown buttons. The RCX screen is numbers only, and the NXT screen is a full matrix display. The RCX has under 10 KB of space, while the NXT has 120 KB of space (before the 40 KB firmware file). The RCX has a single firmware version (at least one per version of computer software), while my NXT is already on it’s second firmware file (so the NXT has upgradable firmware, in fact the software tells you when there’s a new version available for immediate download). The NXT has louder and better speakers than the RCX (it also has a volume control). The RCX has ONLY 6 AA batteries for power, while the NXT can use 6 AA batteries, OR a rechargeable LI-ION battery. Look forward to more pieces of my complete Legacy RCX to NXT set comparasins.