Personalized Code Blocks

/ 4 September 2006

Some of you may know that within the programming software you can create your own code blocks, like if you have a massive amount of code that you regularly use. Well you can, and you do it like this, 1. select the code you want to become one block, 2. choose edit-create new my block, 3. window opens, 4. type block name and description, 5. choose and create the block’s icon. Now this where those that already know how to make a my block get lost, you can add icons to that icon palate. Just create a 32x32 image/ drawing in any drawing application (I use OmniGraffle) and export it as a PNG file to the following location, /Applications/MINDSTORMS NXT/engine/Icons/MyBlock, and your icons will show up in the icon palate on the My Block builder, and 6. press “done”. That’s how you create a my block. Oh, and the my blocks get saved in, /Users/{your user}/Documents/Lego Creations/ MINDSTORMS Projects/ Profiles/ {your profile}/ Blocks/ My Blocks. Enjoy, and happy programming — Alex