Battery Recieved

/ 2 September 2006

My NXT rechargeable battery came today. It takes 4 hours to charge the battery at first, though charging can occur while installed in the NXT. The battery itself can contain up to less power than the 6 AA batteries that Lego makes it need alternatively. The 6 AA batteries that the NXT normally uses adds up to 9 volts max, while the rechargeable battery contains 7.5 volts max. However the battery also allows for AC power to run the NXT, and except during power outages/ bad storms, that’s what I’ll do, AC power alone. One way or the other, this battery will let any who have it save lots of money otherwise spent on supplying their NXT with the 6 AA batteries it needs a month. The three great advantages I see of having this battery are: 1. No need for AA’s, 2. bluetooth transfers with no significant power drain, and 3. no powerdown due to the AC power, thus programs can be run all day if need be. But I’m still interested as to the letters that Lego kept sending about the constant shipment delays. But, if you have a NXT. and hate changing it’s batteries, get the rechargeable battery accessory pack. I may review the battery after a few weeks of use, look out for that entry later, Alex