New Intel Core Duo? Apple Rumor

/ 29 August 2006

Today on the electronics blog I read they wrote, “File this under R for “Rumor”, but another Mac site is speculating that Apple will release updates to their laptop line come Sept. 16. The annual Paris Expo could be just the time for Apple to stick the recently released Core 2 Duo processors in their MacBooks and MacBook Pros, joining Toshiba, Dell, and Samsung in the upgraded notebook party.”. This just mentions the MacBook (laptop) line, however earlier on the same blog someone wrote in saying the following, “he wanted to order a large quantity of Mac minis, but wasn’t able to. That may indicate that they are going to announce a new model soon.” So, if you can wait, get a MacBook after Sept. 16th. But, remember that this is all just a rumor.