Hidden OS X Files

/ 21 August 2006

You may think that the only system folder is the “System” folder at the root level of the hard disk, but there is way more, just hidden behind a security lock. To see this folder, and many more, follow these directions: 1. switch to “Finder” if in another application, 2. Open the “Go” menu and choose “Go to Folder…”, 3. Copy this into the text box { /Var }, 4. Press the return key, or press the “Go” button. The folder you will be taken to is one of Unix’s system and library folders. If a single one of these files was moved, renamed, or deleted/ edited, OS X would stop working entirely. Thus the reason for the folder to be hidden from the user. But, if your computer has a app crash (including OS X itself), the log is saved to this path, /Var/log/crashreporter.log, which contains any crash your system has had since the installation. It can be quite useful actually. Also, to find more hidden folders, open “Terminal” (Applications/Utilities/Termiinal.app) and type this command, ls -a, and any of the “. — “ folders are hidden and can be reached by the “Go to Folder” command using that folder’s path.