Helpful External iSight Hints

/ 17 August 2006

Here is a few hints and tips if you’re using an external iSight for PhotoBooth, iChat, and/ or iMovie. My first tip may be the most important, the magnetic base, it can quickly demagnetize the latch on any PowerBook or iBook. If you can get the latch into it’s place, however, the latch release device can re-magnitize your latch. My second tip starts with a question, would it be easier for you to place your iSight on the top of your desk, upside-down, or on the post holding your desk up? You may think that doing that is an impossibility, but I got it done, by installing a helpful plug-in for all the iSight-using apps called iGlasses. iGlasses allows you to rotate your iSight’s video input, and allows you to brighten the video if it is in a dark room and needs to be brighter. It also has cool effects like macro mode, and others, I’ve been having fun combining it’s effects with the built-in effects of PhotoBooth to create ultra-odd photos.