CelesteFest 2006

/ 15 August 2006

This past weekend was the CelesteFest, the family reunion for my dad’s family. It was hosted where it always is, on Kelley’s Island in Ohio, at my grandmother’s other house. We usually spend time talking, playing games, and having fun, but this year it was just the opposite, no fun at all. In fact, the only two things I enjoyed are related to mac os x software, not the reunion at all! Those things were these two things, number one is getting PhotoBooth (the iSight picture app) from my cousin’s new MacBook, and the second is discovering that I have Quartz Composer on my computer (an apple developer app to make screen savers). But I did enjoy the evenings (which consisted of playing a card game my great-grandmother invented, and watching the meteor shower). But in all I think I enjoyed the get-together, after all I’d otherwise be sitting at my house all sumer, at least one of the weekends could be spent at a family reunion.