NXT Power Supply

/ 9 August 2006

Today my NXT showed the “Low Battery” window, and so I changed it’s batteries. But, its annoying that I needed to, I’ve had it for a month! My RCX and Scout bricks last 3 months on the same amount of power. I know that it had 7 volts of power left at that warning, and those batteries only have 9.5 volts total. I’m just glad that I ordered the rechargeable battery, that way this may have been the only time I switch it’s batteries from AA to AA. I did change one dramatic thing within this month, that was it’s firmware from 1.01 to 1.03, but Lego wrote the firmware, so it couldn’t have had to do with that. Anyway, a month from today is 9-8-06, and 9-1-06 is when Lego expects to ship the rechargeable battery, plus it expects to ship the power adapter in two days, I got it two days ago, so maybe I’ll have the rechargeable battery by the end of this month, who knows. Just a tip for all those NXT owners out there that read this blog.