Mac OS X Leopard

/ 7 August 2006

Today my dad sent me the link to a sneak preview of 10.5 (Leopard). The next and (of course) better Mac OS operating system. Here are the new features as currently mentioned by Apple: Time Machine, a way to see what you’ve thrown away and want back, and Spaces, a way to have multiple desktops. It also improves the following apps, Mail, new templates for messages, notes, and to do’s. iChat, add PhotoBooth effects, add backgrounds, show your chat buddies Keynote presentations, iPhoto slides, etc, also see and control your buddies screens. Dashboard, make website widgets in Safari, and a finalized Dashcode (the one mentioned earlier on this blog is not a final copy, but it works). Spotlight, iCal, and many others are also improved upon. Available in spring of 2007 (according to Apple’s website).