NXT Main Menu

/ 8 June 2006

Here is factual information on what the main menu when you first turn on the NXT will be. The items are listed here (and in order pressing the left arrow button as far as I can tell): View, NXT Programs, My Files, Try Me, Settings, and Bluetooth. Now here’s my assumption on what each of these options do. For the “View”, selecting view options like screen color, startup image, etc. For the “NXT Programs”, remember how when the RCX was first turned on it had pre-downloaded programs, those but for the NXT. For the “My Files”, fairly straight forward I’d say, you’re downloaded programs. For the “Try Me”, only the MDP and Lego know (or have a guess). For the “Settings”, remember Robolab’s administrator-RCX Settings stuff, that but directly on the NXT and for the NXT. And lastly for the “Bluetooth”, do you have a mac? If so you know what the bluetooth prefpane is, that but for the NXT. Now, these are just my assumptions, however thanks to the nxtBot blog for the link to the movie that showed the entire NXT main menu at the CES display.