The End Of The NXT Power Supply Issue

/ 6 June 2006

I didn’t do this research, my dad did. But here is some very helpful and mind-lifting information. The commercial NXT will not have an AC-in port, however, the battery pack (for 6 AA batteries) uses a plastic cover that covers the battery box. That same cover covers the space where the AC-in port seems to be on some pictures of NXT bricks. When you put the rechargeable battery in, you of course need to take out the cover, exposing the indent for the AC-in port. Which when you place the rechargeable battery in, covers that indennt with an AC-in port. The only real issue, then, with the rechargeable battery is that it sticks slightly lower than the NXT bottom. To check this out further you may want to read the same page my dad did. This entry now ends the short line of 2 entries on the power supply. Check back soon for entries on the other asspects of the NXT product before it ships to us normal citizens in 4 weeks. Enjoy, Alex