Still Hot!!

/ 24 July 2005

Even though it stormed yesteray it still was within the upper 90’s. I was really hoping that that storm would reveal colder temperatures. But no, it was still hot at the end of those storms.That morning we spent simply cleaning (see my mom’s blog). We could do it for about 4 hours or so. And that was with baking brownies at the same time, :). But we did stop at about 3:00 to rest (in the only air conditioned room in the house). All in all the day was a sad story. No cooling off. No cold wind. I was thinking, that night, that we should just pray the entire week for storms, and at least Monday looks like there just may be some, I hope there are. I just wish that it could cool off for at least 3 daqys, that is unlikely for at least a week, :(. At least my school (since I’m in a year-round school) has decent air conditioning. Well, just hope for cool weather.