City Update

/ 20 July 2005

Just a bit of an update on my lego city.

I now have 4 lego computers in the city, two rcx bricks, one scout brick and one micro scout brick. What I have done is build a mini lego winton place (a hotel/ office building) to house the scout, and may I add create a triangle of IR com link between the rcx’s and the scout. I later learned the remote commands for the scout. Just yesterday the micro scout I had ordered from e-bay came. And this morning I placed it as the back support for half my lego airport, it will act as the tower for the airport, a quite smart one I may add. It’s motor will turn the com radar in the airport, and it’s R2D2-like noises the commands to take-off, land, and weather updates. Thus I have now a triangle, with a line half way down the center. I wrote this originally 6-11-05. It too was to one of my uncles.