More RCX Stuff

/ 7 May 2005

The first thing I wanted to mention is that for my birthday I got a second RCX. That is all too cool since now I can have two in my city and have them “talk” to each other and give each other sensor data. The second thing I wanted to mention was that I found a second way of programing the bricks. That is NQC (Not Quite C). Below is a sample of what the code looks like for it.

On(OUT_A); Wait (800); Off(OUT_A); until (SENSOR_1 == 1); Wait(100); On(OUT_A); Wait (400); Off(OUT_A);

The trick is the spelling, if it isn’t spelled write it would put up an error window and not compile and download to the brick. The link above should get you to where you can download your own copy of the program. It feels more like I’m programing a computer when I use NQC. I think because it is text code, not graphical code. If you know what the RCX looks like t hen you may catch a glimpse of how the what the code does when downloaded and run. Sensor 1 is a touch sensor (FYI). To learn about the brick you can click here. Just search a bit and you will fivd where to buy one and other useful information on the brick technology.