Getting A Lego RCX!!!

/ 21 February 2005

A few weeks ago I got a lego RCX (which stands for Robotic Command Explorer [I think]). It is a programable microcomputer that you can build into any lego robot. The base technology was made in cunjunction with MIT. Most of the time it comes with programing software (the programing software I got is called Robolab). In the set I got you also get a light sensor and two touch sensors. I have made dozens of programs for it in the few weeks I have had it. Some of which are related to the Lego train I have. To give you a brief idea of the complexity of some of the programs I will ntry to explain the one I’m using for my train right now (including semsor placement). For the layout of the set I built the normal oval track that I originally built with the speed regulator as the control. Then I built a station on one end (including the RCX itself as the main brick) and a touch sensor gate on the other. I had the light sensor and the other touch sensor gate on the inner circle closest to the station. For the curent program I have the train building up speed every few seconds and then slowing down again (this does not include the use of any sensors, but I’m getting there). I have as well built robots that stayed inbetween lines and ran away from walls. Note that this system works on both PC’s and the Mac.