Visiting Crosswinds Middle School!!

/ 12 August 2003

Today I visited Crosswinds Middle school. The school I’ll be going to for 6th,7th,and 8th grades. It was fun. I got to see whitch house I’m in. I’m in Earth house. It is the base for the two main subjects sience and art. I also saw the gym and the caffiteria ( main hall ). In the house part of Earth House ( it is two levels ) on the bottom floor is the main house entrance direct from the main hall. When you enter on your left are two large rooms full of student bases whitch are desks with a lockable cabinet all for you. On your right is the same thing. Stright ahead of you is the Earth House staircase to the second floor. If you walk up the staircase then you end up on the 2nd floor of Earth House you are in the same type of thing thogh on the 2nd floor of crosswinds. If you go stright you will be at the 2nd floor entrance to Earth House. If you go out the door you will be in the 2nd floor hallway. This hallway kind of wraps the entire school in a sqare. If you walk on it you will see on your left all the other House entrances and the library entrance. on your right is a raling. On the other side of that raling is the main hall downstairs. In the middle of the 2nd floor hallway is a staircase down to the 1st floor.