My Big Train Trip

/ 24 April 2003

Today I went on a big train trip to Semmering. I started at Sudbahnhof (the main Vienna train station). I got on a OBB express train past Semmering to Murzzuschlag. The train trip took a hour and a half. The inside of the train had on the left a long hallway the length of the train car. On the right there are the passenger cabins. There six seats in each cabin and each window seat has fold-out tray tables. You got to control the temperature of your cabin with buttons on the wall. The train engine was only half the size of one of train cars. It had a pantograph that reached up to the wires above.

Then I stayed in Murzzuschlag for half a hour before I got on the City Shuttle to Semmering. The City Shuttle trip took about fifteen minutes. Inside the train car it looks a lot like an air plane, except that at each end of the cars there is a bathroom and slide open doors.

Once I got to Semmering I realized that the gondola cars didn’t run, but we thought they would. So instead I took a taxi up the side of the mountain. When I got there I had lunch at a restaurant on the top. After I walked down the side of the mountain to the train station.

I came back to Sudbahnhof on a City Shuttle. There I took the Schnellbahn to the U6. Then I took the U6 to the 38 Strassenbahn. After that I took the 38 Strassenbahn home to Grinzing. ity S