Graphs In Math

/ 19 March 2003

Before I tell you about the graphs I have to explain to you the math ciriculum my school uses. It is called Every Day Mathmatics and is based in chicago. It is split into grades ( first-fith ). Then each grade has two journals in it, volume one and volume two. Each volume has about ten units in it ( that means twenty units in one grade of math). At this point in time my class is in unit nine ( the graphs ). We have to make our own pictures and have other people draw the same picture using the ploted points. We also have to draw pictures using the ploted points. My favorite one was one where you had to draw a turtle starting with only the nose point on the graph. One thing I have noticed about this is they made units seven and eight much harder so you end up liking this unit much much more. Also the homework is much much easier than other subjects I take in fith grade. At this point I geuss you are wandering how this whole thing works. Lets say you have a graph that has thirty by thirty dots and your teacher wants you to make a large sqare. The first thing you do is dicide what points you want to use. Lets use for the top 30,1 and 30,30. For the bottom lets use 1,1 and 1,30. But you have to remember that the fist number is for the going up zone and the second number is for the side zone. So now you can make your sqare and show your teacher.