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About Day by Day

Welcome web surfers and regular readers of this blog,

I keep this blog as a way to keep track of thoughts, and tell others about me, the stuff I like, and work I’ve done. Every member of my immediate family has their own websites (links are in the sidebar). Over the years this blog has had different focuses (and the volume of posts have fluctuated as well), but in all it is a place where I’ve archived my work from grade school on up throughout adulthood and is my primary active public presence on the internet. The beautiful thing about blogs is that for the most part they aren’t static. Not only am I consistently posting new articles every so often, but you all can easily respond to any of them (well, okay, until they are 1.5 years old) to generate a discussion wherein the content of the original article is expanded and brought into new light. As the core uses of this blog grow alongside its author I hope that those who read it during one or more of those time periods leave their mark and feel free to get in touch regarding the topics we’re discussing at this site.

To say a bit about myself (though this whole blog is inherently discussing me), my name is Alexander Celeste, I’m a graduate of the Peace Studies program at Saint John’s University. My interests are tied to technology (especially Apple and computer programming, both for OS X, iOS, and websites), social media, Peace Studies (with my focus on the confluence of modern technology with nonviolence), and reading as well as writing. I’m still discerning what path my life will ultimately lead me down, but the solid passion and (academic) knowledge of peaceful techniques and their practical uses paired with the ever-sought-after skills with programming ought to open up some interesting paths as time marches on.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my blog, and if you like what I’m posting here please consider subscribing to it using one of the three methods in the sidebar. Though I’m the only author of articles here I’d love for this site to at times foster active and productive discussion, and the first step of that is you readers being able to see when I post new articles.

The second step of that is how easy it is for anyone to comment on posts. Anyone can enter their email and name and be allowed to leave a comment. Or you can comment using an existing WordPress.com, Twitter, or Facebook account and leave comments even quicker. The avatar shown beside your comment is based on your email address (or is your profile picture on Twitter or Facebook) to make it easy for everyone to recognize you across all your comments. It is possible to reply to comments your fellow readers leave, up to five layers deep, so having discussions within discussions is definitely possible. I encourage you to comment even if you aren’t sure quite what the reaction will be to what you have to say.

Peace, Alex.